Raymond Hepi Haika - Solomon I was bought up in a small place called Mokau Beach in Northland, by my grandparents they being my fathers parents. We were a very musical family so I learnt very young to play instruments. Singing came naturally and later in my life I found that the singing voice was inherited from my natural mother who I met when I was 22 years old.

At the age of 14 I was rhythm guitarist in the family band, after a couple of years I decided I wanted to be a drummer, so I taught myself and became a drummer. I married at the age of 20 years, and then stopped playing in the band to help raise my family.

I have three lovely daughters and when they became interested in singing I took them to the local country music club in Putaruru. This got me playing drums for the club band, then came the singing in country music awards, as a solo act also duo with my daughter Luanne, Marlene & Raewyn competed as a duet, they have been gifted with beautiful voices also.

My first Country Music Award I won was the Morrinsville Waikato Awards in 1987 that gave me entry to the New Zealand Entertainer of the Year 1987. This was an experience of a lifetime, I didn't win but I enjoyed the privilege of being one of the entertainers competing. After that I won the Tauranga Star Awards in 1998 then won a few smaller awards around the country.

I had my own band for 10 years called "Pretty in Pink" this was after learning so much from other musicians, such as Willie Barrett and Bill Pukeroa two well known guitarists. I backed many a top artist as a drummer.

My one dream through life was to have my own recording out there for people that have supported me through the years, people were always asking have you got a tape or C.D. the answer was no I'm sorry - but one day I will.

My dream came true in June 2000, I released my first album titled "My Turn" This has been so great I couldn't believe the response, then people would ask when is the next album coming out, so in March 2002 my second album was released titled "A Woman's Touch" same thing happened again my fans want more so I feel I must be doing something right, so July 2003 my third album was released titled "Sweet Darling".

What an awesome experience as I love to share my singing talent with others as it's a special gift that I was given. In 2004 I released my 4th album "Woman" & 2005 the album "Tonight's the Night" being my 5th album so I am able to put out an album a year as it comes from the support of all the lovely people that buy my CD's & keep asking for more from me.

"Look At Us" was my 6th album, "I Love You" was my 7th album, "Waiata Aroha O Aotearoa" was my 8th album, "Pledging My Love" was my 9th Album, "Two Will Be One" was my 10th Album, "When Its Just You and Me" was my 11th album, and now I have just released my 12th album "Your Man". I am enjoying all the work I have been doing all around the North Island. Thanks to all those that have bought my albums.

I am keeping very busy with my one man band act as it helps to get exposure out there to our people.